Words of Faith

We hope you are ministered to by the Word of God every week. The Bible informs and fortifies Christ-centered faith for many and helps others study, explore and even discover a new faith in God! Below you will find Pastor Jennifer’s recorded messages. Each message hopefully applicable to our lives as we strive to be shaped by God’s Word, the LORDship of Jesus Christ and be empowered and equipped by God’s Holy Spirit to live each day making a positive impact in the places we live, work, go to school and spend time (coffee house, golf course, the gym, etc.).

 Finally, we figured you’d want to know the premise from which we start when it comes to what we believe about God and God’s Word. We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and it will not fail us for guiding us to the hope of Jesus Christ who inspires us to show the love of Jesus to all we meet, striving to live in a way that honors God in our everyday lives. We realize that we don’t always do this very well, and so we also believe in the power of the Cross of Jesus for it was on this cross where Jesus was crucified and we experience the death and thus the forgiveness of our sin. Because of Jesus’ resurrection we also have God’s gift of new life which comes in knowing Jesus Christ as the Savior of the World and the LORD of our lives as we follow after Jesus. God’s power to create and reclaim all of His creation is a gift of grace which is God’s choice to give to us because of His great love for the world. There isn’t a thing we can do to earn, buy or work for this gift. It is just that, a free, undeserved, gift simply because God is jealous for us and wants to be in relationship with us. That’s it, from beginning to end, God’s story is about His love for us and our simple response is to worship Him with thanks, joyful praise and honor!