Church Staff


Pastor Jennifer Cummins

Pastor Jennifer Cummins has a heart for worship, prayer, and helping people connect to both God and with one another! She's pastored wonderful churches in Minnesota and Arizona. She enjoys working collaboratively with people who also want to try new things for the sake of making God known! A huge part of her ministry is a call to walk with people through life’s twists and turns, being a source of prayerful encouragement and reconnection for people as they discover the love and hope of Jesus. 

Come find friendship, grow in faith, serve the LORD with courage and follow Jesus with a fun community of friends at Tortolita!


Alicia Rowe, Worship Choir Director

Alicia is a wonderful pianist and choir director as she leads the choir. You will often see and hear Alicia multi-tasking as she plays the keyboard, directs the choir, sings her part and occasionally taps her toes to us keep the beat! Alicia has a passion for music and one of her favorite roles is directing the Christmas and Easter Cantatas at Tortolita! Alicia has a sincere faith and easy-going spirit! If you would like to sing in the Choir, please contact Alicia by emailing or calling the church office.


Janie McKee, Financial Secretary