Mission Outreach

One of the values of Jesus is to love and care for the poor, the orphans and the widow and widowers! This is part of our call as people who follow in Jesus’ footsteps. Under both the Local Outreach and the Global Outreach links above you will find tangible ways to live out the call God gives us. At Tortolita we are open to God’s leading as we become familiar with new mission and ministry opportunities. If you have a passion and heart for a ministry not mentioned here, we hope your will bring it to the attention of our Mission & Outreach Team and share more information about it. There is much to do in serving the LORD by caring for people for the sake of sharing the Good News with the world! To this end, Tortolita wants to be an outpost of mission and ministry from which we are sent out bring the light of Jesus Christ and the hope of His healing and life!